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Tweeting Your Way To Build Your Business

Twitter is a free online real-time social networking and micro-blogging service which was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and Biz stone. It allows users to send and read “tweets”, which are text-based messages of up to 140 characters. Since its foundation, the service has quickly gained universal popularity. People join Twitter for a number of reasons. Some use it as a micro-blog, some for posting updates about their day-to-day activities and still others use Twitter as a part for their overall social media and marketing strategy. If you want to use Twitter for your business, here are five ways you can use it in an effective matter:

Identify potential customers, trends, stakeholders and competitors

Hashtag was first used by Twitter and now it is so popular that Facebook and Google+ have also adopted it in their search functions. You can use Hashtags to identify major stakeholders in your business, what is the recent industrial trend and who are your competitors. You can see who is following your competitors and these followers can be your potential customers. Try to organize your followings and instead of going for numbers, go for an organic growth of followers.

Why you shouldn’t build your entire website in Flash

Why you shouldn’t build your entire website in Flash

What is your Marketing Action Plan?

Have you created and action plan for the marketing of your business? This is one of the early and best tips for effectively using Twitter for your business. A Marketing Action Plan is your manual for creating a marketing campaign. Make a list relevant to your business and interests, be it a list of your potential or existing customers, a list of competitors or of all the things you can tweet about like a new product launch, a special offer, news on industry or important announcements. This will help you organize the tweets that you want to post or the tweets you want to read.

Post creative and interesting tweets

To draw more followers and to maintain them, the content you are sharing must be interesting and unique. You shouldn’t be afraid to get creative. Aside from celebrities, the most followed twitter accounts are of users who take chances and are creative. If you are a small business being creative and lighthearted will make you approachable and hence will make sure you have more followers.

Social Media is all about nurturing relationships

You want to have a community build around your brand. For this you need to maintain a two-way conversation and engage. To make sure that you respond to a tweet as quickly as possible, set up Twitter notifications on your phones or computers which will help you know when you are mentioned in a tweet. Thank people wherever it’s relevant to increase the traffic to your tweets. Monitor your “mentions” to see who is talking about you and develop a culture of responding by including “@” symbol before their Twitter user names.

How to Build Your Business with Twitter the Right Way

How to Build Your Business with Twitter the Right Way

Maintain a reasonable frequency for your tweets

When you have loads of information to share, it is tempting to post all of them in one go to save time and energy. Sometimes people think that it is necessary to increase visibility to keep tweeting frequently. However, you should avoid using this strategy. It is rather annoying to see several tweets from the same business posted continuously within minutes of each other. Since twitter streams are speedy, it is recommended that you post often to maintain your visibility but not too often. One of the best ways to decide the frequency of your tweets is to monitor how your audience is reacting to your tweets. You can adjust the frequency of your tweets accordingly.

Internet marketing is not only a way to make your business profitable; it is also an experience you can enjoy. You can give your business a big boost by spending a little time on Twitter without any cost.

The Ultimate Test: Meeting Your Partner’s Parents!

No matter how long the two of you have been going out. The first time you have to meet your partner’s parents is that nerve wrenching situation that will always give you the jitters. While the expectation of your partner’s parents might vary from household to household and culture to culture these are some necessities to need to keep in mind that will help you create a good first impression. Although the first impression may not be the last impression it is perhaps the most important one. So here are few tips that will help you get along just well in that dreaded meeting.

Know about them as much as you can

It is imperative to find out as much as you can about the parents from your partner. What do they like, what they don’t like. Which topics are a no go territory and what topics are most likely to crack them up. Do your homework really well. Find out if you and the parents have any common interest, it is always an advantage if the dad and you can discuss the favorite football team or the latest turn of events in politics. Make a good conversation, be polite and honest. The parents will always know if you are being dishonest and nothing will earn you lesser points. Listen carefully and respectfully when the old man or the lady is talking. If you show interest in what they have to say then it will probably be in your favor.

Meet the Parents

Meet the Parents

Impress with how you dress

It is very important that you are dressed appropriately. Remember guys that this is not the night out in the sport bar so don’t dress shabbily and neither should you give the impression that you just got back from a fancy wedding. Throw on a decent shirt and a pair of you finest trousers and button up for the ride. If you are the lady then chose a dress that accentuates what is best in you, but yes keeps it modest. Ask your partner for their opinion; they know their parents the best after all. Keep it casual but smart. That’s the important thing.

Responsibility, especially the little things.

Responsibility, especially the little things.

Be the gentleman or the lady!

It goes without saying that you have to be at your best behavior for the night. Every parent wants their child to be with someone who is polite and kind and at the same time can take a stand. Be thoroughly respectful. There is no need to be nervous; being confident will work a lot in your favor. Always thank them for inviting you over and that you are grateful, but don’t be too buttery too. (They will notice, I assure you.) Punctuality is important, very important as a matter of fact. Nothing will piss off the dad more than if you keep them waiting. Be the prince charming of your lady. Pull the chair for her, pour her drink. This will make them know that you respect your girl.

Remember that your partner thinks that you are worth it only then would they ask you to meet the parents. It is important to them hence it becomes mandatory that you do well.

5 Foods That Are Good For Your Heart

Your heart is the only muscle in the body that does not stop working. Even when you are asleep or resting, the heart continuously works to keep you alive. This fist-sized organ, however, can be in danger if you don’t mind what you are eating. Fats in the food that you eat are amongst the reasons that your heart might stop any moment. Being active and engaging in exercise is helpful to keep the heart healthy, but it is not enough. Exercise and eating the right kinds of food will do the trick. You can start by adding these 5 foods to your diet.

1. The wonderful cranberry juice

Researchers have found out that people who drank at least three cups of cranberry juice regularly has a significant increase in HDL. This is the good kind of fat that helps lower a person’s risk of acquiring heart diseases. Polyphenols found in cranberry juice are responsible for this. You can buy this juice in the grocery; just make sure the label says it contains 27 percent of cranberry juice.

5 Food For Heart Health

5 Food For Heart Health

2. Small but powerful whole grains

Whole grains, nuts and beans are foods that are good for the heart. They lower the risk of developing heart diseases to 22 percent. This has been proven by research. Eating these foods regularly, even once per week, can already do a lot for your heart.

3. The beauty of eating grape fruit

LDL is the bad cholesterol that you should avoid. Just by eating one grape fruit you can decrease significantly the amount of LDL in your body. Your total cholesterol level and LDL will be lessened by 8 and 11 percent respectively by adding one grape fruit to your diet. The lower the LDL in your body, the lower your risk of developing heart diseases. Also, you can get 150 percent more of your daily recommended vitamin C with one grape fruit. You will not only have a strong heart, but you will also have a stronger resistance against bacteria and germs.

4. A daily dose of Omega-3

Omega-3 is a very important mineral that can help strengthen your heart muscles. It also prevents hypertension and contributes in the normal clotting of your blood. This mineral is usually found in fishes, particularly tuna. The next time you have dinner, always check out the tuna menu so you can have some omega-3 in your diet.

14 Good Foods For Healthy Heart

14 Good Foods For Healthy Heart

5. Water, the perfect beverage for the body

You already know that drinking 8 glasses of water a day can do wonders to your body. You can now add preventing and lowering the risk of developing heart diseases to that list. Just by following the 8 glasses rule, you can already decrease the risk by 60 percent. Water is certainly the perfect beverage for the human body.

The heart is a very important organ of the body. You need to take care of it in order for you to live longer and happier. You can start taking care of your heart by avoiding fatty foods and by eating foods that can make the heart strong and healthy.

How To Mentor Kids On Good Credit

Learning how to handle money is a key component that parents should instil in their children. Children do not understand that one has to struggle in order to get money. If left on their own, they may end up messing with it by desiring to be too luxurious. It is imperative that parents teach their children the culture of saving before they venture into the real world. This often is referred to as building a good credit score for your child. To achieve these, a parent has to consider some guiding tips which are discussed below.

Involve your child in household bills

As a parent, you need to put bills such as water and electricity under your child’s name. This does not mean that you give them the responsibility of paying the bill. Instead, you instil in them the culture of being cautious. You could utilize them in drafting budget for the family in terms of how much you plan to use as a family for the essential need. Through direct involvement they will slowly learn the importance of having to plan on usage of cash.

How to Choose a Good Mentor

How to Choose a Good Mentor

Authorize your child to share your credit card

You need to determine one of your credit cards that have probably a low utilization percentage and add your child as a user to it. As long as you ensure better usage of the credit card, you will be able to determine how your child utilizes the card through generation of credit reports. In this period you could also take a different direction of teaching them about how to use and maintain the credit card so that the score remains relevant. You could also allow them to pay for bills after teaching them on how to use the credit card. Teach them all the information that concerns the usage of credit cards and how to maintain their scores. This will help you determine whether they are too honest to make exact payments.

Why Kids from Good Homes Sometimes Go Bad

Why Kids from Good Homes Sometimes Go Bad

Facilitate your child to acquire a student credit card

This comes as a last tip in ensuring that you test the skills of your child in terms of how to maintain a credit card. They will display their skills in using a card that is now created in their own name. Many financial institutions do not guarantee giving a credit card to a child but if you prove that you have trained them enough, they will acquire it in the right manner. You can encourage your child to look for a part time job or you can sacrifice and send them cash on their credit card. From their credit card history, you will be able to determine their skills in terms of credit card use.

Caring and responsible parents should take the duty of training their children on how to deal with credit cards. This will build them to grow strong and venture into the financial world with experience on how to tackle challenges. Furthermore, they will be able to keep good credit card history, ensuring that they pay their bills on time. Your children will also learn how to budget for what they need and avoid being extravagant. If you are a parent, take this bold step.

Become An Expert Networker With These 5 Tips

How do you become an expert networker? You have to juggle between your offline and online efforts and sometimes you don’t know which should consume most of your time. Not everyone is a born networker. Some people are lucky because networking is something natural for them. There are others that have to work harder. So how do you become an expert networker? Here are 5 tips to keep in mind:

  1. Focus on your existing contacts first

It is typical for any networker to be tempted to look for new contacts. Remember that networking doesn’t always mean looking for new contacts and building relationships with them. You have existing contacts. Don’t ignore them. They are already your contacts for a reason. You know them pretty well so take the time to cultivate whatever relationship you have with them.

Tips For Becoming A Successful Networker

Tips For Becoming A Successful Networker

  1. Engage in a conversation before giving your business card

Don’t even think about shoving your business card to a person without even talking to him or her. It’s impolite. You’ll turn the person off right away. You want your new contact to have a good impression of you. Talk to the person first then offer your card.

  1. Ask the right questions

Networkers want to know a person’s occupation more than anything else. There’s a right time to know the answer. Before you even ask the question, take the time to know the person. You don’t necessarily need to know his or her profession right away. Look for things that are common between the two of you. Meaningful conversations will benefit you later on because people remember these conversations better.

networking tips on how to build your business contacts before, during and after your EMBA

networking tips on how to build your business contacts before, during and after your EMBA

  1. Find a mentor to introduce you to everyone else

Look for a person who knows the group. Let the mentor introduce you to them. It’s a great idea to be with someone that others respect and trust. They’ll look at you with respect.

  1. Never forget to follow up

Don’t forget the importance of a prompt follow up. Of course, you need to have a purpose for doing your follow up. There are a lot of reasons that you can use to reach out to the person. You can have lunch or a cup of coffee. Perhaps you want to have a discussion together with the mentor. The first meeting is important. But what you do after has more value. So make sure you follow up on your connections. Don’t waste your new contacts by ignoring them.

It’s not easy to build relationships. Don’t even think that you can do it overnight. It requires effort and time. You also need to be committed. You can’t give up just because you’re not getting the response you want. Remember that there are relationships that grow and there are those that go. The only way to know which relationships are worth keeping is to give it a try. Work on it and see which direction it goes. And in case things don’t go your way, you shouldn’t stop what you’re doing. Someday you’ll do it right and you’ll eventually become an expert.